About founder


Hello,I am a CC , was a digital nomad with my yogamat anywhere. I love sharing healthy and wellness lifestyle when I travel.

How I build this business?

Before traveling alone, I was living a super office-routine life. I founded my first company about consulting for real estate investors 🏡 in 2014. After making the first bucket money 💰 I wanted to know myself better, so I made a big change and challenge, began to explore the world alone and became a e-commerce digital nomad, and  I began to speak English 😅 when I was 29 ,so don’t ignore your potential.In 2018 I moved to Bali, began my yoga teacher journey.

At there, I got inspiration that I produced yogamat activewear and  tools for the studios and clubs .Because I was born China, and familiar with manufacturing. I know what materials is best for activewear and yoga mat, which clothes is more breathable, which mats is easier to grip and travel.

Besides,I love beautiful and wellness things that’s why I want to involve that into business.

Why I build the business?

Everyone knows China is a big manufacturer.Meanwhile I know building wellness community needs every inspiring entrepreneurs to work together. I want to share this chance with motivated wellness entrepreneurs to creat business,especially for the girls who has ambitions and dreams. And I also want to help many single mothers to build a business at home. That´s why we offer drop shipping service to help all the wellness freelancers and entrepreneurs and clubs .

About quality 

People see people do. I wear and use products only by myself. I wear activewear and leggings in 300days of a year. 

I sincerely wish you will get inspired and motivated by our products ! Please check our samples CCFitsoul

instagram: ccfitsoul 

or our office in Barcelona